Marcella Meeks Reviews: The Voyage

The Voyage, By Robert Vescio & Andrea Edmonds

EK Books, and imprint of Exisle Publishing PTY Ltd.

What a pleasant surprise! The illustrations in this book were wonderfully crafted and told the story without the use of but only a few words. It was fun telling the story of a refugee family fleeing their war-torn country, crossing a stormy ocean in a boat in search of a safer, new way of life.

It was interesting to tell the story to my grandson with only a few words. He said, “Mamaw, how do you know this story? There are only a few words.”

I explained that the illustrations and the key word that went with it was enough to tell the entire story of this refugee family; their fear, their struggle, their escape to a new and safe life.

It was an interesting story of a refugee family’s many struggles they went through and all the memories left behind. Very powerful and moving. I can only imagine the fear of the unknown and the many obstacles this one family faced in search of a better way of life in a new land.

As soon as I am finished with my reviews, I will loan it to the Pre-K class at the local school.

I rate this book a high five.

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